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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> hello san francisco! >> the president addresses supporters in san francisco tonight after a star studded concert fundraiser. good evening everybody. >> the president took to the stage just 30 minutes ago at the packed stadium. he is expected to race millions of dollars in campaign cash. happening now, heather holmes is live outside the event with the reception he has received in the city.
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heather. >> reporter: the president just wrapped up the remarks. he spoke to the crowd for about 30 minutes. if you take a look you can see people are beginning to file out. while most were on their feet when john legend was preforming they erupted when the president took to the stage and he calls on them to continue their support and the final 29 days of this campaign. >> we are here because we have work to do. we are here because we have the election to win. we are here because everything we fought for since 2008 is onto line in 2012. i'm going need your help to finish what we started. >> obama. we love you. >> the excitement was high. the line long outside the center outside the 6,000 people
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who spent up to $7,500 for the concert rally. >> i think obama amazing. i want to get all the support i can and i will seat president. >> reporter: he used the event to rev up the supporters after new polls show the race tightening with romney after his strong show in the debate. >> romney. we were talking about this -- he was confident but he was speaking -- confidently. protesters waves signs. >> we aren't funneling drugs to the black marketw. are keeping patients such as myself from having to resort to the black market. >> reporter: early net evening police blocked streets near the hotel where he attended a expensive event. 25 supporters paid $40,000 each for a seat at the round table.
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on the tarmac. >> i think it's just a wonderful opportunity. >> reporter: there was plenty of excitement. >> i think he needs four more years to finish what he started. >> reporter: the days events expected to bring in about four million dollars to his campaign and that is important cash as both of the candidates rachet up their television adds. reporting live in san francisco. heather hoppings. >> more details on the president's night in san francisco. before the conner speech he attended a fundraising dinner for 100 donors. bay area chefs prepared the meal. fish tartare, duck confit and donors each paid $20,000 to attend. >> earlier today the president
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made a stop in kern county to dedicate a new monument at the home of the late ceasar chavez. he praised chavez as a man who brought the plight of the farm workers to the attention of the country and who touched many with a creation of the united farm workers union. >> the first to say this is not a monument to one man. the movement he helped lead was sustained by a generation of organizer who stood up and spoke out and urged others to do the same. >> reporter: the president also thanked chavez's wife fighting alongside the man she he loved. they also walked together to chavez's gravesite where the president put a rose. a new poll suggests romney has now pulled ahead of the president following last week's debate. the poll finds 49% of likely voters now say they back romney while 45% say they back the
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president. prior to the debate the poll had romney trailing the president by eight points. our coverage continues at sock 30. the confidence some say romney is now showing and we follow the president's speech in san francisco. we will have more of what he said at 10:30 and the one mistake you don't want to make on election day. is it could mean your vote wouldn't count. and a controversial political display in a neighborhood that some are calling racist. what the owner of the property told us when we confronted him. >> new, people gathered for emotional vigil in honor of a retired schoolteacher. investigators say the 55-year- old was stabbed and beaten to death in her home last friday night. patty lee. >> reporter: several dozen people are still here on the scene as you can see but this
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is a much smaller crowd than what was here earlier. the vigil started around 8:30. family, friends and students trying to come to term was their loss. tonight the family returned to the house where the 55-year-old wife and mother of four was killed friday night. also here friends who described her a long time teacher as a mother figure to everybody she met. >> kind of expecting her to come back and say no worries i got everything fixed. very difficult. >> reporter: the cul-de-sac was filled with about 200 people carrying candles. earlier today it was cord donned off with yellow tape while two crime scene investigators assisted by a dozen fbi techs took truck loads of evidence to the lab. >> we were also looking for possibly a blood trail, the
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victim was stabbed and we have knottily indicated the weapon. >> reporter: locating her car, a pale blue suburu with idaho s is also a priority. it was taken the night of her murder. >> hundreds of thousand its of papers. >> reporter: they are using the internet to spread the word to generate tips. today they reached out to specific industries. >> including law enforcement, first aid, ambulances, anyone who travels the streets. >> reporter: keeping busy keeps this grief stricken family from thinking about the unimaginable. >> something -- pain my wife went through, terrible. >> reporter: tonight the family described this gathering as heart breaking but heart warming at the same time. the large turn out reminding just how much impact she has had onto community and how deeply should will be missed.
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>> some scary moments during an afternoon bike ride when two bike riders were rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. it happened on southbound highway 129. the chp said a tan pontiac hit two of four bike riders who were riding in a group. one sufficient ired only minor injuries but the other was seriously hurt. >> at this time the ongoing investigation, we are unaware why the vehicle collided with the two bikes. >> investigators said the driver stayed at the scene is cooperating with them tonight. >> in oakland crews were busy repairing the damage cause by vandals in the downtown area last night. city leaders say they caused thousands of dollars in damage. crew has to replace shattered windows and clean up paint from the sides of buildings. the damage came after 200 people marched downtown protesting the start of the war
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in afghanistan. vandals followed breaking windows. >> every time something happens they go out and tear up our city. our city got enough things going. we have murders and all that. >> officials say the danger activity estimate is 12,000 dollars. no arrests have been made. san francisco police say of the 20 people arrested during saturday's occupy protest only one was from the city. the others came from around the bay area and the state. police say they started making arrests after the group started throwing bags of paint and other items at officers. investigators say they believe some of those arrested. . >> finally decide whether the suspended san francisco sheriff will get his job back. they said it'll be a key moment
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in san francisco history. >> it's about how san francisco will pick to respond to domestic violence. >> reporter: various activists in the fight against domestic violence say he isn't fit to run the sheriff's department. he has been fighting to keep his wife and his wife is standing beside him. the meeting is scheduled for 2:00 p.m., nine out of the 11 have to vote against him for him to be removed. >> only on two, a symbolic display creating surprise and outrage. it appears to denounce the president and some call it race arist and even threatening. >> reporter: many people we saw driving along took a startled second look at the display. set up nearly romney for president sign was a chair empty but for two watermelons
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draped along the side a rope tied no a noose with a sign set up to look like a teleprompter saying go back to kenya. it made some uneasy. >> we shouldn't be threat leaning with that. i believe that is what -- i like the chair. it's just copying clint eastward but the noose goes over the edge. >> reporter: a picture was posted on facebook by a woman who said she wanted people to know it didn't represent a community viewpoint. eye south bay democratic leader agreed saying it was obviously the work of an individual, not a real campaign. >> i think it's a silly rank. someone thinks halloween is a round the corner i guess. i think it's disrespectful that someone would do that. i think there is racist over tones. it just -- to me the mark of a strange person. >> reporter: i talked to the property owner who acknowledged
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making the displace but wouldn't comment but to say it was okay with him if a picture is online. he said the display speaks for itself. in morgan hill, robert honda. >> police patrols on an east bay trail, we find the startling sexual assault that made their presence necessary. >> a claim of innocence while awaiting a possible life sentence. the surprising comments jerry sandusky made. >> what the most recent models indicate about the cabs of seeing wet weather. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. new, a woman taking a shortcut to a bart station had a knife at her throat. what happened. >> reporter: that woman was just minutes the relative safety of this bart station when she was attacked. i talked to police just about a half hour ago and they said they are calling this attempted rape. the bart station is a crowded place. a woman walking to the train this morning did not have safety in number when is she took this trail on the way to bart. the trail is a popular exercise route and driver shortcut. today it's also a crime scene. >> you see anything this morning? a woman was attacked? >> reporter: it happened at the nearly dark hour of 6:00 a.m.
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police say he hid in the bushes and attacked the woman holding a fly to her throat. >> she fought d got away. that's important. >> reporter: the woman ran a half mile down the trail to this mcdonalds. the manager said what the morning crews saw. >> the lady was crying, telling her can you open the door, open the door, because this guy was trying to violate me. can you call the cops. she was like all -- all mud all over her. >> reporter: park police were out for hours today looking for information. >> did you hear about it? >> reporter: and giving out information. >> we had a couple of diva assaults out here. >> reporter: three since september 3rd. we talked to two sisters who said there aunt was a victim. >> my aunt and she said to stop taking her because she got attacked in the trail. >> just -- to dangerous. >> reporter: police don't believe at tacks related but say they should be a warning.
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>> you often times see things going on and that 6th sense kicks in and you need to trust that. >> reporter: now that suspect is described as african american male in his 40s. he was wearing black from head to toe. a black hoodie, leather jacket, shoes and leather gloves. he was riding a blue mountain bike. if you know anything call police. >> a man who was shot and killed in east oakland last friday night has been identified. investigators say the 21-year- old of haywood was driving his car when he was shot. he crashed in the 9700 block of bird street. officers pulled him from the car but it was to late. they weren't able to save him. > activists say they are
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boycotting new pueblo because it's taking part in everi fiction y that checks the immigration status of workers. >> it has been proven even if -- anti minority program that -- the community [inaudible] trying to get a job. >> reporter: it is voluntary in california. the company said they joined after the department of homeland security launched an investigation into them. a vice president said that he believes the boycott is driven in part by a union that's trying to organize its workers. >> unusual move from convicted child molester jerry sandusky. he gave a radio interview one day before he is set to be sentenced. he talked not only of going to prison but what he said he knows in his heart about what happened. >> reporter: jerry sandusky speaking out from his jail cell ahead of his sentencing on 45 counts of sexual abuse.
10:18 pm
him can take away my life, make me into a monster, but they can't take away my heart and i know i did not do these alleged disgusting things. >> reporter: he was convicted of abusing 10 boys. paterno. in the statement the 68-year- old said that he will continue to fight. >> didn't loose the proven facts, evidence, accurate locations and times. anything can be said, we lost to speculation, stories influenced by people who wanted to convict me. we must fight unfairness. >> reporter: his defense attorney said he plans to address the judge at the sentencing. >> what they think he will say is that he is innocent, he doesn't feel that we had nearly enough time to properly prepare. >> probably going to -- sentence to natural life in
10:19 pm
jail. maybe. >> reporter: prosecutors say some of the victims will speak. >> as many as half a dozen. we will see. depends on how they feel and respond to the -- the moment. >> reporter: along with sandusky two pen straight administrator was arrested and charged with lying to the grand jury. they are now awaiting their trials. in new york. fox news. >> public hearing is on the pg&e pipeline explosion were put on hold. the hearings were to determine possible pen amounts in the 2010 blast that killed eight and destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno. an investigation asked for the hearings to be suspended while they worked on it. some object saying should be open. get the news to go. down load the app, click on the live icon . >> the high temperatures today
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on the mild side again. it was very cool this morning, temperatures down in the upper 30s and low 40s in the coolest spot. tomorrow's highs, just like these. tomorrow, more clouds -- some more clouds, south bay, late in the afternoon. a chance for light sprinkle, don't change your plans here are the forecast overnight lows, 49 vallejo, these are cool. as you get going in livermore -- some of the areas down to the upper 40s . tomorrow morning a cool one. it's not a huge deal. you will see what i mean by widely scattered not a big deal. >> california health officials now say about 600 patients were treated with steriod shots recalled batches of medicine, expected in a deadly meningitis outbreak. public health officials say the state is in touch with four facilities that receive the
10:21 pm
recalled medicine here. the shots are often used to treat back pain. no meningitis related deaths have been reported in california but eight people have died in other states after getting a shot contaminated with meningitis causing fungus. >> we have exciting news to share with you tonight from the channel 2news room and the search underway for a 10-year- old boy who went missing. why authorities are especially concerned. >> up first fans rally in oakland as the a's get ready to play a must win game against the tigers. that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way.
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10:24 pm
-- after the past weekend's two painful losses to the tigers. the a's need to win three games to stay in but at least they will be home. >> we are have the most -- the loudest fan base in the lead. the best fans as well. team that will help the team do better. >> hustle, hustle. >> reporter: the city is hosting the team, giving them the boost for a challenging stretch ahead. fans will even get a tutorial on an important celebration dance. >> i'm excited, nervous, it's all a good feeling. we haven't been here since 2006 and now we -- it's exciting. >> across the bay bridge, fans admit they got a sick feeling after the loss to the reds. >> the giants will come through because of the pitching staff. i didn't expect them to loose the last two games. >> reporter: last night may have been the worst shut down in franchise history.
10:25 pm
the fans insist playing in cincinnati will help. >> when they are away there is something they win. keep our fingers crossed. >> reporter: supporters still think there is a chance they will square off in another all day world series. >> that would be cool. quake and all. >> reporter: it would send a tremor through the bay area. ktvu channel 2news. >> the owners of the oakland a's said today that the tarps that are covering the upper decks will not be removed to make more seats available this are covering about 25,000 seats to keep fans gathered on lower decks. the team will make a decision in the next few day itself they will remove the tans for the championship series if the a's advance. at 10:45 he managed to take three teams to world series titles. >> new at ten dozens of people are searching tonight for a 10-
10:26 pm
year-old who was autism who went missing earlier in piedmont. he was last seen around 5:30 this evening. he is not verbal and may be hiding. he is only about 4-foot 9, weighs about 80 pounds. the area near crocker and lincoln. rangers in yosemite are looking for a missing paraphernalia employee. jessica rose garcia was last seen last saturday and was reported missing after not showing up for work the next day. er rescue are searching the area, garcia is a hispanic female, she weighs 170 pounds. she has shorter link brown hair. >> a big honor for the 10:00 new . >> accepting for ktvu.
10:27 pm
>> the 10:00 news was singled out for our coverage of the occupy oakland protest. our crew was right in the middle of the clash and the tear gas to bring you the story. our news directore mailed us this photograph of thea ward. >> more of the president's address tonight in san francisco. plus the mistake that you could make on election day that could cost you your vote and why young voters are especially at risk. >> and sky high prices at the pump. why you may start to see a change as early as tomorrow.
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. back now fought coverage of the president's speech in san francisco. he talked about the debate with romney and how he was criticized. >> i had a lot of people say don't be so polite, so nice, they -- thought -- but, but -- i want everybody to understand something. what -- what -- what was being presented wasn't leadership, that's sales man ship. >> the president also went after romney for saying he would crack down on big bird and pbs. >> at we posted more of the president's address. you will find it in the video player on the front page. >> romney told a crowd in virginia today they encourage him. >> you may have noticed we had
10:31 pm
a debate and -- that was a good debate. i enjoyed that debate. >> also today he appeared before the virginia military institute where he declared the quote hope is not a strategy. he said the president has failed to lead in syria and help the rebels topple the president. paul ryan will face off in a debate against joe biden. today he was still on the campaign trail where he was introduced by kid rock to a crowd in michigan. biden is prepping for the debate. he said he has been studying campaign positions and promises to hold ryan responsible while sticking to the facts. you can watch it live here on ktvu channel 2news. it starts at six. a special edition of the news. >> the polls opened up in many
10:32 pm
counties for early voting. kara lieu says why -- some votes may not be counted. >> 22-year-old allen cast his ballot early today because he is headed to thailand for ten months. >> if you care anything about the country like this is the one thing you can do as a person. >> reporter: it turns out they are nearly four times more likely to have their ballot thrown out because of a rejected signature. >> signature is like your security key. >> reporter: elections chief said that -- his office noticed the spike in rejected significance tours in 2010. >> maybe the older population. we ran the study. it wasn't the older population. it was the 28 to 39-year-old. they represented 15% of the voters and 50% of the signature rejection. >> reporter: when you vote by mail the signature is matched against your card or if you registered online your signature there, signature that
10:33 pm
can't be validated by computer are checked manually. >> how you sign is key. >> they don't have toma perfectly but we have to be able to say that's the same thing. >> reporter: one idea is that young people used to pass words as security measures may not pay attention when signing. >> the use is really important. certainly political decisions are being made and will influence our lives like the -- i'm never going get social security. medicare probably won't exist. >> reporter: new inspections and vote by mail materials to make sure every vote counts. >> the younger people you are getting engaged. >> the nobel prize was given to a sciencist of japan -- at ucsf mission bay. the 50-year-old found that cells in the body of the mouse
10:34 pm
may turned into stem cells. without cells he shares the prize with 79-year-old. some specialists from the children's hospital at stanford are teaming up with health working to provide speciality services in count acosta county. they said they were responding to requests from families that offer more families closer to home. many of them will be treated as a new 16 bed unit in walnut creek. >> now to the continuing coverage -- the record high gas prices. the california governor and both accept fors are taking -- are taking action. how soon until prices could come down. >> reporter: diane feinstein is
10:35 pm
at the trade commission to investigate the skyrocketing pain at the pump. she said despite the pipeline and refinery shut down the -- it was almost as high as a year ago and stock piles of gas and blending parts combined were equal to this time last year. >> i think it's a good question. i would like to know why myself other than instability in the middle east and the usual things. >> reporter: it's difficult to look at from the data what there is actually some sort of -- uncompetitive behavior going on. >> reporter: gas stations can charge whatever they want for a gallon ever gas and they could make as little or as much as they want. >> over the weekend the governor said i'm directing the air resources board to take whatever steps necessary to blend to winter gas blend. >> the claim is -- from the governor's office that it'll -- if that's right, that will
10:36 pm
cause a drastic drop in gas. >> it doesn't matter. it's fine. >> reporter: the san francisco gas is at a record $4.74 a gallon but just a penny higher than sunday. a week ago just as the spike was starting, gas was 46-cents a gallon cheaper. >> it's unfortunate -- that we don't know what is going on. >> i wonder if it has to do with the supply and demand. >> reporter: it could be a gas station from two to three days, gas prices could start falling by morning. >> more details, gas prices vary around the state, we found a gallon of regular going for $5.49. in walnut creek we found a gallon of regular -- in san francisco, we found gas selling at least in one case for $4.49. >> a long day for passengers
10:37 pm
on a major airline. why alaska airlines had to cancel flights and delayed others. >> and back here in just a couple minutes, the latest model ready to go and that slight chance. >> and state regulators say two san francisco based ride sharing companies operating without the proper permits. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
10:38 pm
erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
10:39 pm
. two san francisco based ride sharing companies live deny allegations they are operating without proper permits. both offer ride sharing. lift use pink -- they say they late state issued permits to make sure drivers properly
10:40 pm
licensed. the two say they do screen their drivers and intend to work with the cpuc address the concerns. >> alaska airlines recovering a computer outrage that shut them down for five hours. passengers had long delays, up to an hourlong. the airline canceled 70 flights all together. the carrier said the cable for its sprint network were cut in two locations, they had them fixed by noon but the delays continued throughout the day. >> the latest rumor proves true apple plans to sale minis for the upcoming season. they ordered that many of them from factories in asia and brazil. they may send out invite force a product revealing. it's expected to look more like the i-phone 5.
10:41 pm
facebook users have been able to like a product that cause -- a cause or group but now users may be able to want items as well. the company said they are trying out new butons including wants and collects. on wall street today the dow lost 26 points, nasdaq dropped 23, analysts say there wasn't any major reason are. companies report third quarter earnings starting tomorrow. >> in nurse the world authorities announce the arrest of members of the zeta drug cartel. one man is believed to be the mastermind of two prison breaks. he is also expected in the killing of david hartley who was on a lake when he was shot and killed in the head. in pakistan members of code pink are taking farther from tests against drone strikes. he is a veteran of protests here in the bay area and she
10:42 pm
said the strikes fueling hatred of the united states and killing innocent civilians. officials say they have killed hundreds of militants behind attacks in neighboring afghanistan. in peru joranvan der sloot says he got a woman pregnant but his attorneys deny it. is he serving a 28 year sentence for killing a woman. he is also the only suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway in 2005. >> late game advice for the a's and giants someone who knows the pressure well. how retirement is treating tony. >> and bill martin tracking big changes in the forecast. he is back with the best chance when it comes to wet weather.
10:43 pm
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10:45 pm
. new, with bay area baseball teams on the edge of playoff oblivion one is watching a special interest. deborah caught up with tony and got his late inning advice. >> tony --. >> reporter: he is out of uniform for the first time in decades. tony, pitching his -- titled one last strike. >> story of the 2011 cardinals reminds me of the a's. >> reporter: his cardinals were a come from behind team that won it all after wife he retired. >> the a's this season astounded everybody too and he was relished watching them. >> reporter: swinging the bat with everything they have and they ran the bases -- and playing defense and diving -- >> this season he mixed his book tour with attending games as an ambassador for the leaping. >> i have not missed a dog out once. . >> reporter: he watches in the
10:46 pm
stands second guessing like any fan. >> the postseason so much fun. >> reporter: many of his fans to young to appreciate his career but his message about relationships, trust, respect, goes beyond baseball. he likes to joke how easy it was leading the a's to three world series. >> i get -- them credit because i always knew what time the game started and we played. >> reporter: as far why he never strug smiled. >> [inaudible]r. and does the winner of three championships think the giant's and a's can turna it around? >> this is -- this is win tuesday. >> pretty nice. >> reporter: he says just take it one game at a time. >> bart said today it carried
10:47 pm
nearly a million people this weekend. they got the word that bart was the best way to travel through you'll all of the events over the weekend. a spokesperson said the packed trains really important considering bart depends on passengers to pay for its operating costs. >> soda makers responding to criticism about sugar are you drinks and obesity with a new calorie consense program. they will post calories on vending machine section butons. they will have sticker that say calorie counts, check before you choose and there are below and no calorie options. it'll launch in chicago and texas first before a national roll out. wal-mart and american express are teaming up to offer a prepaid card service. it has a minimum balance, no monthly or yearly fees and no overdraft charges. the service will lawn of next week online and in more than four thousand stores, the cards
10:48 pm
are normally marketed toward low erin come customers. they are worried . >> in that low pressure just off shore. we have been tracking since last week is starting to move closer to us. that's why temperatures drop. remember how hot it was? we had triple digits. i will show you. parked itself off shore. started to cool it off. its been keeping it mild because it's -- the rotation. as we go into the next 36 hours the low will start to migrate toward the south and east and it'll move on shore and we will bring a slight chance of a sprinkle. the models really light on any chance of showers, here is the deal. any time you got a low pressure center spin around. detach from the jet stream, floating you have to be careful. if that thing tracks over the top of us, we could see showers, even thunderstorms, i don't think that will happen. watch -- see right here, the --
10:49 pm
the showers kind of spring up in northeast california and they are cominga round the back way we will start seeing moisture. what will happen tomorrow will be just like today and a chance for a few sprinkles into the south bay in the afternoon and maybe a little bit in the east bay but i bet you don't see anything. some of the hills but i don't think we will see anything. don't chance plans, there is the low pressure center. the main impact. temperatures not in the hundred's like last week but in the 60s and 70s tomorrow. this is the computer model. you will see what we mean. tuesday at one -- little something here early but took the model out. you see something down by santa cruz. that's -- close to loss gatos in saratoga. the system tracks further east. you get the picture. chance for light scattered showers. you know it's a lot of sun tomorrow. in the late afternoon and evening maybe something else. we will track it.
10:50 pm
we will be in early tomorrow morning and i will be back tomorrow afternoon and talk about it. tomorrow, just like today, with that outside chance of a sprinkle. the forecast along the coast and peninsula. low 60s, mid60's, little patchy fog. out by the cliff house, out by -- the bodega bay area. the fog will go away. sunny tomorrow, the five-day forecast, chance of showers in there tuesday and wednesday because i have to. doesn't look like that will happen. clouds on friday. feels like fall. >> really cool. yeah. thank you. >> we he have developing news out of oakland as police are on the scene of a shooting, that appears to have left two people dead. these pictures just came in to the newsroom. they received calls of gun shots in the area about 9:55 this evening. police say they found two people with gun shot wounds inside a car. however witnesses say it appears that both of the people in the car were dead and that
10:51 pm
ambulances on the scene left without taking anyone to the hospital. coming up next, you have to have a serious green thumb to grow something, like, this. take a look. we will show you what it took to win the half moon ban pumpkin weigh off. ♪
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. here we go. >> it weighed in at a whopping 1775 pounds. you are looking at the winner of the half moon bay weigh off. won more than ten thousand dollars for growing the prized pumpkin. >> my family is my secret. i couldn't do this without the support of everybody. i think everybody that grows in the successful it's because they have someone behind them. >> for many the big of biggest challenge is getting the petroleum chins there. they are strapped in and packed with padding then put on bids to prevent disqualifying cracks in the side. the top five will be on display at the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival. >> mark is here nowt. was a disappointing tough weekend for bay area baseball. >> not a single win.
10:55 pm
the scariest, probably the most disappointing, the giants, particular this weekend the complete back of energy and excitement at the ballpark. the a's hoping that is nowhere near the case tomorrow night as they try to stay alive near detroit. work out this afternoon. doing their best to get the first two games and particular sunday's loss behind them. the vibe, the fabs could provide, may turn out as a game changer and hopefully for the a's in the end a series changer as well. >> we feel comfortable at home. whether you feel comfortable or not you still have to go out and pull out a win. pull out three in a row but first have you to get one. don't worry about the past two games. those are over and done with. can't change them, can't do anything about them. >> no back down in the baltimore orioles -- undaunted by losing game one against the
10:56 pm
yankees. 1-0 new york in the third. a two run sing 8 -- 3-20 orioles in the 9th. jim johnson. roughed up for five. yesterday, with the yankees down in order. 1-1 series. they are going to yankee stadium come wednesday. the offense absolutely s many, othered and the pitching destroyed in the first couple games, it's up to the giants themselves to try to prove everybody wrong. you would be hard pressed to find anyone who believes we are about to see a recreation of 2010, ryan -- will get the ball tomorrow and an afternoon effort to get the thing rolling in the right direction for san francisco. the giants not kidding themselves about going back down to cincinnati, 2-0. >> sure it's difficult but -- it's -- it's again the best out of five. have you to win that third game and we are alive and i guess it's -- more than anything -- it's -- you have to have the attitude never say die.
10:57 pm
you come out and play hard and you see what happens. >> meanwhile guess we shouldn't forget st. louis. proven otherwise. johnny james in center. beautiful catch with st. louis defense. to rob danny of the nationals and the cardinals did a little more than just show off with the glove work. four home runs. carlos beltran spent a little time in a uniform. two run shot. that series also a game each. only two teams in the nfl. perfect records, the texans one of them. maybe closer than they figured against the jets, texans -- foster with the leg, 29 carries, 152 yards that touchdown 23-17, texans, 5-0 now. that's the sporting life for a monday night. tomorrow it all -- all goes down for the a's. you know and the evening game and the giants in afternoon back in cincinnati. >> like tony said focus on --.
10:58 pm
>> one game at a time. >> nice one. i never heard that one. >> yeah. just made it up. >> and thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> morning news starts at 4:30. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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